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SYC_6 - SystemTouch

SYC_6 - SystemTouch

System based on magnetic tags for the management of fuel depots and refuelling operations, approved by the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Suitable for installation on new-generation DTO-Diesel tanks as well as existing fuel storage and dispensing systems.

Reliable and accurate system allowing to monitor the refuelling operations and verify them directly on a PC through Wifi connection. The management software guarantees real-time data exchange between the PC and each external unit located in different locations and is programmable for up to 5000 users.
Refuelling is authorized by means of magnetic card or tag. The configuration and data transfer can be achieved through a wireless GPRS, a self-powered serial line converter or Ethernet connection.

The SystemTouch allows to :
• Activate the system based on different input combinations;
• Set up specific limitations for operators or vehicles, per single refuelling operation or per month;
• Fuel storage tanks management with constant storage level monitoring;
• Select various password levels, manage users/vehicles archives and average consumption per mileage;
• Manage SystemCard units in different locations, with the possibility to activate ‘Costs centers' allowing to monitor specific departments or projects.

Thanks to the possibility of a continuous update, the SystemTouch can be configured to suit the specific needs and to operate together with the management systems already in use with each company.