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Bladder - Collapsible Fabric Tank

Bladder - Collapsible Fabric Tank

Bladders are flexible tanks used for storage of a variety of fluids, in rapid deployment situations.

Bladder characteristics include light weight, compactness when folded, quick set up and good resistance in various climatic conditions and are suitable for deployment worldwide.

The bladders are available in different sizes and capacities, ranging from 500 l up to 500,000 l. Other sizes are available on application.

Based on the fabrication material and connections lay out, bladders can be used to store hydrocarbons and/or potable water for human consumption.

A bladder is delivered with a complete set of accessories, and connection hoses, as per requirements.

We also offer open top storage tanks (Onion Tanks) which can be used for general water usage around the sites. Again these are easy to install and they are self supporting.

AMA can assist in all stages of bladders lifecycle, from set up through to final decommissioning and disposal.