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CSDS - Containerised Storage and Dispensing System

CSDS - Containerised Storage and Dispensing System

AMA's Containerized Storage and Dispensing Diesel Fuel System (CSDS) is a semi-permanent solution designed for diesel and petrol fuel handling in remote areas, or whenever the investment for a fixed installation would not be cost-effective.

The CSDS can be configured to refuel either ground vehicles or boats (along with a remote refuelling cabinet on the wharf) as per requirements.

The system is made up of a double wall tank with leak detector device, overfill prevention valve, piping, valves and couplings in order to meet the customers' operational requirements as well as the international fuel handling standards in force.

The CSDS is equipped with an industrial dispenser (single/double nozzle) with flow rates from 40 to 140 l/min. The dedicated loading pump permits bulk fuel transfer (tanker unloading; tank to tank fuel transfer).

The CSDS can be connected with one or more Containerised Storage Tanks (CST) in parallel, to increase the total storage capacity. For this configuration, all necessary interconnection hoses and electrical and grounding cables are included in the supply.

The system is fitted in a certified sea container (20' and 40'), which protects the systems from the environmental conditions and allows easy and cost-effective transport. 

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