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AFT - Aviation Fuel Trailer

AFT - Aviation Fuel Trailer

The AFT is a complete system designed for handling aviation turbine fuel in the field. Thanks to its compact, sturdy structure and its reliable components, it represents an excellent solution for easy handling of aviation fuel in remote locations worldwide.

The machinery is fixed on a four wheel (two axis) trailer structure, which can be easily manoeuvred on most grounds. The AFT can be deigned to meet the required performances in terms of flow rate, suction-delivery distances and filtration systems (filter water separators, water filter). It can also be fitted with specific accessories in order to suit the individual requirements.

The AFT can be connected with a set of collapsible or metal fuel tanks, in order to perform the following operations: fuel receipt from a road tanker, fuel filtration and fuel transfer tank to tank and tank to bowser, aircraft refuelling.

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