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General Sale's Conditions



Signing these general sale's conditions, the buyer engages himself to return a signed copy to the company AMA S.p.A. 
In this way, he declares to have taken good note about the characteristics of the requested products, the related conditions of warranty, the price, the sale's conditions as well as the time of delivery of the goods.


The delivery terms are indicatives, and eventual delays don't compromise in any case the validity of the contract; if this situation will happen, AMA S.p.a. doesn't reply for the caused damage.
If the patrimonial conditions of the customer will change, the supplying of the goods can be suspended.


The contractors are obliged to stipulate in a written form any further different agreement from those presented in the following contract.


The company AMA S.p.A. is authorised to apply technical modifications to its products without notice.


The company AMA S.p.A. guarantee the suitability of the equipment for the use it is destined, as well as the immunity from the faults for a maximum period of 12 (twelve) months from the delivery date.
The warranty excludes: all the electrical parts including electrical motors, the calibration of the flow metre, pump filter and rubber cleaning.
The warranty is limited to the free substitution of the eventual defected piece, only when this defect, immediately declared as established per law, will be given back to AMA S.p.A., in order that our usual technician can ascertain the defect.
The company AMA S.p.A. declines every civil or penal responsibility in the comparisons of the customer and any other persons, for every kind of event caused from a bad use of the equipment, for utilisation of unsuitable products, manumissions, damages caused from the missing operation and every other reason not imputable to the seller.
Any equipment supplied directly by AMA S.p.A. is covered from a R.C. Product Bill Assurance, for damages that could be caused from fabrication anomaly.
The buyer engages himself to denounce in a written form eventual anomalies of quality presented within 8 (eight) days from the date of reception of the good to the address he indicated and mentioned in the Transport Document. Elapsed this time, the denounce will have no effect. In any case, the claims of every nature don' t suspend the duty to proceed with the payment as previously agreed.


In case of retarded payment, further to the due amount, the customer has to pay the interests from the following day at the current rates applied from the Central Bank of Europe increased of 7 (seven) percentage points as per Legislative Ordinance n° 231 dated 09.10.2002. - articles 4 and 5.


In case of an instalments sale, the buyer will become owner of the goods only after have paid the last agreed instalment, conforming the articles 1523 and following of the Civil Code.
With the delivery of the goods, all risks will be charged to the customer; just for this reason, in case of theft, damaging and any other fortuitous case, the customer is obliged to pay to AMA S.p.A. all due till that moment, removed from now any contrary exception.
Moreover, safe different written will of AMA S.p.A., the buyer can not sell , present, exchange, alienate, constitute in promise, confiscate or in any other different way, constrain the goods in object until the total payment of the price.
In case of a failed payment of one instalment that exceed the 8th part of the due price, the contract will be solved without necessity to have a pronunciation of the Judge. In a similar hypothesis, the company AMA S.p.A. will have back the possession of the sold goods, and the instalments collected will remain to the seller as indemnity, in the limits of how suffered, save eventual excess.
It remains intended the right of AMA S.p.A. to obtain, even for only one default or its will to renounce at the resolutive clause herewith expressed, the payment of all remains due till that moment.


Court of Treviso will be exclusively competent for any eventual dispute related, connected and consequent how contracted, even for all referred to the return of the goods and any other things will be sold.


The company AMA S.p.A. guarantee the privacy and the discretion of its proper customer information, complying rigorously how indicated on the Legislative Ordinance n° 126 dated 30.06.2003.
The treatment of the personal information requested by AMA S.p.A. is indispensable for the conclusion and the execution of the contract. Therefore, the conferment of similar information is obligatory and, without them, the order can not be processed.
In any moment and case, the customer can access to its data just to update and modify them or, simply, to oppose himself at its utilisation, writing to : AMA S.p.A., Via Torre n° 16, 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV).