Who we are

30 years designing the future to turn it into your present


AMA is a world leading manufacturer of storage and refuelling systems for diesel, petrol and aviation fuel. Our products range from bulk fuel installations for rapid deployment up to semi- permanent and permanent solutions, including metal tanks, collapsible storage tanks and containerized storage and/or dispensing systems.

Ever since the start of its activity 30 years ago, AMA has always been committed to meeting the most varied customer demands in the field of the storage and transfer of fuel, not only focusing on the simple supply of products, but also by providing complete specific services. The dynamism of the owners and staff has pushed AMA to occupy a major role among the Italian and international companies in this sector.


360-degree reliability and safety


AMA is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We operate according to the strictest control standards, applying to our production process the European regulations in force. We have also gained a series of certifications and approvals from the Italian Ministries of Interior, Transport and Navigation.


Since 2017, AMA is also ISO 3834-2:2006 certified, ensuring the highest welding processes standards are met.






Research, technology, production quality


AMA’s “Research & Development” division has always been the engine of our design and operational philosophy. When dealing with complex situations, our approach is to study all aspects and offer simple and reliable solutions.

Our new projects integrate the fuel handling systems with the most advanced photovoltaic and solar technologies, with a view to promoting the use of environmentally-friendly renewable energy sources. A special attention to the environment, which is also evident from the use of zero-emission paints for all our products.


Complete service

For 30 years at the service of your success


Our services include all aspects of the life cycle of a system or single product within an installation:

– preliminary analysis and feasibility study
– design and construction
– transportation, installation and testing
– ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance
– staff training
– possible deactivation and dismantling (mobile or temporary installations).