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TT ADR Eex - Transportable tank

TT ADR Eex - Transportable tank

AMA's Transportable tank Eex tanks are approved by the Italian Ministry of Transportation and are designed in compliance with the current A.D.R. standard (ADR 2009-2011)

Reliable and indestructible, the TRANSPORTABLE TANKS Eex allow the full load transport of gasoline, within the limits allowed by law. The TTs are widely used in the refuelling of working vehicles right where needed rather than driving to a fillinf station, allowing a considerable saving of time.

The tanks are made in carbon steel plate and are equipped with a cage protecting them from incidental bumps. Available in the capacity of 280 L, with the possibility of manual or electric pump with flow rates 40 or 70 L/min.; wide range of accessories that can be installed in a safe metal cabinet.